Thursday, November 30, 2006


This posting has nothing to do with crime writing. Instead, it celebrates the romance of commerce.

When baby Debbie Macomber was baptized, the candles flickered in the church. A sign of future greatness, says Debbie's mom on Debbie's site,

Debbie wrote in her journal in 1973: "the greatest desire of my life is to somehow, some way, be a writer", and by 2006, sure enough, she had sold 60 million books, mostly published by Silhouette and Harlequin.

Her website is truly a marvel. After you've sampled and hopefully purchased some dozens of Debbie's books, try the book-themed gifts -- the gardener's kneeling pad (featuring cover art from the bestselling Susannah's Garden), the mugs, the t-shirts, the Gourmet Seattle Blend Ground Coffee (as drunk at the Lighthouse Restaurant in the Cedar Cove series), the Cedar Cove Zippered Carry-All Tote, the Knitting Notion Bag (as used in A Good Yarn and The Shop on Blossom Street) and the Variety Tea Pack -- from Debbie's Store, one of 21 different subsections on her singularly uplifting site.

Readers can get more directly involved. The October 2006 winer on the Readers' Recipes page is for Caramel Snack Mix. A November winner had not yet emerged at the time of writing.


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